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Fic: A Simple Command; Dirty Talk; R

September 1st, 2007 (06:47 pm)
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Title: A Simple Command
Author: [info]aristoboule
Fandom/Pairing: Original characters, [info]simply_ellie and [info]master_simon
Word Count: 588
Rating: R
Summary: Ellie struggles with obeying her Master's command to say one little word.
Table/Prompt: 5.1 - Dirty Talk
Disclaimer: [info]simply_ellie is mine, [info]master_simon belongs to [info]ardath_rekha and is used here with permission. Please don't use them without ours!
Warning(s): References to bondage, D/s, penetration, and one swear word.
A/N: [info]master_simon and [info]simply_ellie are a kinky, married couple; he's her Master and she's his submissive. By day, he's one of Chicago's top psychotherapists, and she's his assistant and office manager.

Swallowing hard, Ellie wasn’t sure... )

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